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Drugs Policy

While County Councils have no direct power to change laws on the use of drugs in our country I believe that the criminalisation of drug use has failed as a way to combat the use of drugs amongst the population. In other countries they have decriminalised using and possessing small amounts of drugs for personal use. This policy has seen impressive reductions in the use of drugs, particularly in Portugal who decriminalised use 15 years ago. The use of drugs there is now down 50% and there is no longer a criminal record associated with usage. Responsibility now lies with the Department of Health rather than Justice with a focus on health based approaches and community service.

Another benefit is that this frees up police time to actually work in communities instead of wasting Garda time on monor drug use. There are many other things that An Garda Siochana could and should focus on particularly community policing and crime prevention.

You can read the Labour Party policy on drug decriminilization HERE

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