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Ennis Market & Value for Money

The council elected in 2014 pushed through the building and development of the new Ennis Market building over the objections of the local traders, residents and the existing Farmers Market. This building has had a negative impact on the heart of Ennis taking life and vibrancy out of the centre of our town. Along with its’ surrounds this white elephant has cost our community €1,700,000 in a loan taken out by the Council to build it. This has been a terrible waste of money as it now spends most of its time filled with cars, even on the supposed market days. In a futile attempt to jump-start it the council is giving free access to it to traders. This clearly isn’t working and is a new strategy is needed. If elected I will work to make sure that a sensible solution to this is found & these types of vanity projects don’t make it past the flight of fancy stage.  

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